Q: What does it cost?

A: Sessions cost $190.00 per hour (GST Inc.). This includes 50 minutes of ‘talk-time’, and 10 minutes to write up notes from the session

Q: Why is therapy so expensive?

A: A few reasons for this include:

  • Seeing a psychologist privately is not funded (or subsidised) by the government. Unlike seeing your GP, or seeing a physiotherapist under ACC. So you end up paying the full cost. (Some healthare insurers do provide cover)
  • Psychologists are highly trained and have studied for at least six years at university (so you’re paying for specialist knowledge and a high standard of therapy).
  • Psychologists in private practice may work with a maximum of five clients a day. So they end up working less hours. This is to ensure they are able to be fully present with their clients.
  • There are many costs involved in maintaining a private practice. Psychologists must attend regular professional development and supervision, and pay for insurance and other fees to maintain their practicing certificate (e.g. NZ Psych Board, NZ Psych Society). This is on top of normal running costs such as room, power, etc,

Q: What can I expect from PsychE?

A: The first session will be around information gathering. Once there is an idea of the psychological or behavioural difficulty you are dealing with, following sessions will focus on helping you to build practical skills and strategies.

Q: What about medication?

A: Psychologists are unable to prescribe medication. This should be discussed with your GP.

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